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Wanda Smith, CEO of Symphony Placements, participates in Piranha Tank reality investment show in Washington DC.

Symphony Placements CEO, Wanda Smith, recently participated in the Washington DC Piranha Tank reality show as a Piranha investor.  The show is designed to match entrepreneurs with potential investors, but there is a proverbial catch!  Each idea or concept that is pitched to the investors must have a socially or environmentally sustainable connection.  So, by creating sustainable businesses for a sustainable planet, with sustainable capital, the mission is to drive growth in local businesses and identify entrepreneurs who have ideas that support the ideal.

The April 12 show featured Megan Everetts, the CEO of Pink Fish Aquatic and Athletic Outfitting.  Pink Fish specializes in the production of swimwear made from recycled plastics.  The swimwear is designed for and targeted to competitive swimmers.  Pink Fish swimwear provides a great way for swimmers to contribute to the clean-up of the environment by purchasing stylish products that are helping clean up the oceans.  After Megan’s pitch, Wanda and two fellow investors ‘cut bait’ and opted out of the investment.  However, two other investors offered Megan $30,000 in capital and a half million dollar line of credit for a 20% share of the company.  The entrepreneur quickly accepted the offer and another business match was made!

You can view the recorded episode of The Piranha Tank here.  The show is quickly becoming a hit and now hosted in 20 major markets with plans to expand even further.