Temporary Staffing

Benefits of Working With Us

Life happens. Employees leave due to illness, vacation, maternity, or disability leave. Maybe your company has too many projects going on and you need temporary help. Here at Symphony Placements we help you find the help you need. There are many benefits to temporary staffing, including the ease and flexibility you need during these times. By choosing a temporary employee you have the opportunity to fill positions in on an as-needed basis or to evaluate candidates on the job until you find the perfect one for the position. The best benefit of temporary staffing is that it saves you time and money.
We understand how busy you are. You really don’t have the time to be spending several hours a day sorting through hundreds of applications. By hiring a temporary staffing agency like Symphony Placements we can make your life much easier. We take on all hiring procedures. We take care of all the recruiting, interviewing, assessing, and hiring. We are very flexible, whether you need a temporary employee for a day, a week, a month, or an undecided amount of time—we are here to help you.

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Besides being an easy, flexible option for staffing, temporary staffing can benefit your company by allowing you to evaluate candidates on the job. It’s less of a risk to hire an employee on a temporary basis to see if he or she is a good fit, rather than hiring full-time. If you’re not satisfied within 4 hours of a temporary staffer, you will not be charged for that staffer and we will replace that candidate.
Temporary staffing also benefits your bank account. We will save you time and money. By taking on all of the hiring procedures, Symphony Placements saves you hours, days, and weeks of trying to look for the best candidate on your own. This way you can focus on your actual work.
Our time-saving, money-saving, flexibility makes us the best option for temporary staffing. Temporary staffing benefits all industries, including: accounting, administrative, health, legal services, and many more.