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The Difference between Passive Candidates vs. Active Applicants

You may have heard the terms passive candidates and active candidates before. Staffing agencies such as Symphony Placements look for candidates in both categories.

Active Candidates
Active candidates are those who are actively searching for a job. They may be scouring job boards, searching social media, or networking through friends. They are in need of something new. Active candidates are looking for an open opportunity for a number of reasons. They may be unhappy with their jobs because they aren’t paid enough or aren’t given enough responsibility. They may be feeling insecure at their jobs, because the future of the company is uncertain. Some candidates may be unemployed. What’s interesting, however, is that 25% of active candidates are employed full time.

How to Hook Them
Active candidates are easy to find, because they’re submitting their resumes and building brands for themselves. It’s important to make the hiring process easier for these applicants, since many already have jobs and don’t have a lot of time to dedicate. Provide them with plenty of information on the position and offer flexible interviewing options.

Passive Candidates
Passive candidates are employed and aren’t looking for new opportunities. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be swayed. One of the best benefits of interviewing passive candidates is that you don’t have any competition, since they’re not looking for work. If you can wow them the first time around, they are likely to want to join your company. But how do you find passive candidates and get them interested in your company?

How to Hook Them
That’s where staffing firms, such as Symphony Placements, come in. Networking is important for passive candidates. We have a network of companies and candidates, which gives us more access than companies looking to hire on their own do. We work with you to show off your best qualities to the candidate, and convince them they should make the switch. Our flexible staffing solutions are some of the best in Maryland, because we connect excellent candidates with your business.