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The Perks of Accounting Jobs


Accounting jobs can seem monotonous sometimes, but when you stop and consider the perks of this career, there are several benefits that make the job worthwhile. Accountants typically work a set weekly schedule, make a good salary, receive benefits, and provide an opportunity for growth. For many people, the perks of an accounting job sound appealing and offer stability missing in many career fields today.

A Versified Field

Accounting jobs include public and private sector work. Accountants may become CPA-certified and open their own business or work from home. Accountants are well-known for their work around tax time, but accountants also perform audits, conduct payroll, and perform bookkeeping. Accountants’ knowledge of finance opens the door to being able to work in various business, insurance, manufacturing, and government positions.

With a range of employment opportunities, individuals interested in accounting jobs have a range of duties to specialize in. The duties of an accountant depend on what industry the accountant works for. A CPA works primarily on tax forms and conducts audits when necessary. Accounting jobs in business require individuals to properly manage business funds, perform internal audits, and prepare finance reports. Accountants who work in business often gain valuable business insight and experience as well as options for advancement, self-employment, and more.

Prestige and Income

Accountants are valued for their knowledge and skill. Accounting jobs require a college education just to get an entrance level job. Individuals looking to add to their degree and market their skills benefit from additional coursework and examination. Accountants become a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) after passing an advanced exam and receive accreditation in an area of specialty including: personal finance, information technology, and business valuation. Certified Management Accountant, Certified Internal Auditor, and Certified Information Systems Auditor are other titles accountants can achieve through continued coursework and examination.

Certified accountants hold more prestige over their peers, have higher salaries, and have an advantage in the job market. The difference in pay between a non-certified accountant and a certified accountant can be substantial. Accountant salaries range by employer and region, but on average, salaries for accounting jobs are higher than the national income average.

Outlook and Advancement

Financial experts, including accountants, often advance their career through degrees, certifications, and licenses. Entry-level accountants often begin at firms and move into business. Working in business helps accountants grow into other specialties like loan planners. As an accountant’s experience and prestige grow, the opportunities for partnerships and promotions grow. CFOs often advanced their careers through partnerships with notable firms or large companies until reaching corporate management.

Accounting jobs are also expected to grow in demand during the coming years. According to the Bureau of Labor statistics, changes in financial regulations will benefit individuals whose work relates to finance. The greatest growth is expected to rise among accountants who specialize in international finance reform. Growth of the financial sector is expected to rise faster than average employment until 2018. Additionally, accounting jobs remain stable despite economic fluctuations and adjustments due to the global recession because of businesses looking to strengthen their financial planning. Individuals looking for job stability often find accounting jobs offer many perks and a chance for long-term advancement through experience and certification.