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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Working with Temporary Services

Temporary services are frequently misunderstood, with their advantages and disadvantages not often fairly described. There are a number of reasons job seekers should consider working for a staffing agency, and some drawbacks as well. The following are the disadvantages and advantages of working for temporary services:


Flexible time frame. Temp agents are comprised of all sorts of job seekers, from those looking for week-long assignments to those hoping to get placed into a position that will become permanent. Staffing services can put employers in the best position for them, based upon their desired time frame and flexibility. Part time and temporary jobs are just as common and feasible as full time jobs for temp agents.

Possibility of permanent position. Many temp agents accept long term placements in the hopes their position will become permanent. This is fairly common in temp agency positions, as a number of companies open up temp positions in the hopes of finding an employee who shows potential and will join the permanent staff.

Fills gaps between employments. A number of job seekers come to temp agencies to try and get temporary work between long term jobs. Because of the nature of temp agency work and the availability of jobs for determined workers with flexible schedules, this is often a great way for workers to continue making money and stay in the habit of working. Temp workers may also find they receive enough opportunities through temporary assignments to eschew their search for permanent employment.

Improves job experiences and skills. Temporary workers often receive placements in a variety of industries, and as such attain a number of skills that can be applicable in many situations. Working for temporary services is a good way for a person to increase their job experience and improve their resume.

Provides employment after relocation. If a family is forced to move because of one parent’s job, this does not necessarily mean the other parent will be out of work. Some temporary services are national, and workers can get in touch with their local branch as soon as they move to a new city. This enables a person to continue getting regular work without having to network or find contacts in their new city.


Not a dependable paycheck. The main drawback of temporary service jobs is dependability. If there is no work available, there isn’t anything a temp agent can do but wait for a placement. Similarly, most jobs are temporary, and so a placement that seems to be going well may no longer become necessary for the company, leaving a temp worker without a job.

May not lead to permanent position. A lot of job seekers turn to temporary services looking for a quick or easy path to a permanent position. While sometimes temp agents are hired away from their agencies to become permanent staff at a new company, there is no guarantee this will happen. Some temp agents may work for 6 months in the same position without being offered a permanent position.

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