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How Temporary Jobs Can Boost Your Career

Temporary jobs can seem like fruitless endeavors to some people, but with further investigation, these opportunities can be important steps in finding your dream job. These positions can help fill a gap during times of unemployment, help job seekers get a feel for a new work environment, and possibly lead to a permanent new position full of growth potential.

Gain Work Experience and Skills:

Experienced workers and college graduates may not be eager to look for temporary jobs, but these jobs do have benefits. In long stretches of unemployment, a job that lasts only a few months can break the cycle of unemployment and add to the relevancy of a resume. Temporary jobs provide hands-on experience for first-time job seekers or individuals who are attempting to reenter the workforce.

Temporary jobs are also a great way for individuals who are looking for work, but are uncertain what they want to do. Working briefly for one industry can help individuals determine whether a long-term career in that field is right for them. Candidates can continue to look for work in that field and develop the skills necessary to cement their career. If the temporary job is not to the individual’s liking, he or she can try out other temporary positions without any long term commitments.

Temporary jobs can be found through employment agencies or on job search engines. Employment agencies provide job seekers with the benefit of matching skills to open positions. This is especially beneficial for candidates looking to gain more experience in a particular industry or candidates who are attempting to find work while switching careers.

Promising Candidates:

Temporary jobs keep an individual employed while he or she searches for permanent work. By working one or more temporary jobs and performing multiple assignments, candidates, recruiters, and employers learn what the job seeker’s strengths and weaknesses are. This helps the individual see whether job training or college courses can further his or her job prospects and be more marketable as a job candidate in the future. Promising candidates will learn from temporary jobs what employers are looking for and how to apply their talents to fill the employer’s needs.

Additionally, by working with various people and employers, candidates can build a strong social network to use for job recommendations or referrals. Individuals who continue to communicate with previous co-workers or employers create the opportunity to be called back for a position or be put in contact with a person or business that is hiring. Building and nurturing social connections ensures candidates do not miss an unadvertised employment opportunity.

Finding a Career:

Temporary jobs are an important stepping stone for many people. Temporary jobs keep skills fresh and keep job hunters in contact with employers. If a temporary employee shows a strong work ethic, ambition, and initiative, it is possible the employee may find permanent employment. An individual, who demonstrates commitment to his or her temporary job, may be asked by the employer to accept a permanent position. A hard-working temporary worker who takes on additional responsibility with no distinguishable long-term benefit will grab the attention of the employer.