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Working for a Temp Service Allows Employees to Learn Many Skills

One of the benefits to working for a temp service is the ability to explore a wide range of jobs and employment opportunities. Because temp agencies provide services for a variety of industries, it is possible for a temp agent to pick up skills and gain experiences that allow him or her to be comfortable in any job. These include practical skills as well as character traits and less tangible qualities that are equally important in business. Below are a few of the hard and soft skills that can be gained from working at a temp service:

  • Customer service. Many jobs require customer services skills, from telemarketer to receptionist to restaurant waiter. By working for a temp service, a person can gain customer service experience in a number of settings. A few of the more common customer service-related temp jobs include working in a call center, working as a receptionist, and being a salesman. These all put workers into social situations they are likely to experience throughout their lives, teaching them how to communicate effectively with any type of person.
  • Clerical work. Administrative assistants, clerks, accountants, and data entry personnel are often temporary agents. In these positions, a temp agent can improve typing speed and accuracy, ability to research and find information, and computer skills in general. These skills make a job seeker very valuable in a number of positions, and will greatly increase his or her chances of advancing in the business world.
  • Ability to quickly adapt to new situations. A temp agent is frequently receiving new placements and having to become familiar with different workplace settings and atmospheres. This teaches agents how to be adaptable, learn from their environment, and find their place in their new job as soon as possible. Even when faced with a completely new situation, temp agents are able to evaluate the situation and quickly make themselves useful.
  • Increased confidence. Along with increased adaptability and new skills, a temp service provides its agents with increased confidence. A temp agent who is constantly second guessing their decisions or their abilities is of little use to a company, and will not be successful in job placement. Learning new skills makes a person confident in his or her abilities, increasing their productivity and success. Simply getting out of the house and going to a job every day also raises a person’s self esteem, especially when he or she had been struggling with unemployment.
  • Training and certifications. Many temp services provide their workers with training courses and education opportunities. This allows them to become certified in a variety of skills, increasing their value as staffing agents. A few examples of training opportunities include CPR certification, forklift operation certification, training in the use of various power tools, and commercial driver’s license courses.
  • Ability to comprehend and follow instructions. A temporary agent must understand and follow instructions with minimal guidance, a skill learned through experience. Even complicated instructions for an unfamiliar job can become easy to understand and carry out for an experienced temp service worker.
  • Build successful habits. By incorporating all of the skills and habits learned from various staffing agency positions into daily life, a temp agent will inevitably become successful, no matter what career or placement he or she decides on.

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