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Staffing Firms Provide Larger Net to Attract Top Talent

If you’ve ever hired new employees, you know how small the hiring pool can be. Traditional hiring methods shrink the pool even further, extending the hiring process and making it difficult to find the right person. Staffing agencies use a diverse set of strategies that casts a much larger net for attracting the best talent. Here’s how Symphony Placements finds the best candidates for your open positions.

Searching Active and Passive Candidates
Staffing firms have resources. We know how to get in touch with both active and passive candidates, which levels out the quality of the playing field. Simply posting an ad to Craigslist or on a job board will catch only candidates who are actively looking for jobs. But staffing agencies have connection with passive candidates, who might just be waiting for the right opportunity to come knocking.

Understanding Job Needs
Recruiting firms often specialize in several fields. That means we’ve dedicated ample time to understanding what those industries need. When we cast a net for candidates, it’s not just wide, it’s deep. We recruit candidates based on their skill set as it pertains to your company. So when you hire someone through full-service staffing agencies, you know you’re getting a highly qualified candidate who is ready to work.

Getting to Know Candidates for the Right Hire
Staffing agencies treat interviews like consultations. When companies hire an employee directly, it tends to have a more transactional nature. But recruiting agencies work closely with candidates to get a sense of who they are and what they want out of their careers. Symphony Placements focuses on finding great temporary employees and turning them into wonderful full-time employees if the employer shows interest. Our goal is to find you the right candidate within the first few interviews. If you’re looking for a candidate with exceptional potential, contact Symphony Placements today.