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Symphony Placements with “Ravens Huddle for 100” in partnership with Baltimore Hunger Project

Symphony Placements participated in the Ravens Huddle for 100 event, in partnership with Baltimore Hunger Project! Baltimore Hunger Project is dedicated to eliminating the growing problem of weekend childhood hunger by consistently providing weekend food packages to children identified as food insecure.  BHP delivers 600 weekend food bags to children in a compassion and dignified manner, and every bag includes a handmade, inspirational card for each child. BHP volunteers make over 600 cards each week.

How to Create Notes of Encouragement:

Create positive notecards with words of encouragement for children to take home over the weekend. These notecards will be inserted into the bags of food for the children and will provide them with positive words of encouragement over the weekend.

What to Say:

They can say anything from “Have a Great Day!” to “Follow your Dreams”, you can get creative! All notecards must be non-denominational and age appropriate.

What NOT to Say:

Please do not make any reference to religion, drugs/alcohol, house, room or home, food or belongings. Please keep sayings simple so that any age group (elementary to high school student) could understand the meaning.

Card Guide and Examples

Phrases for Inspiration:

  • Never give up
  • Be yourself
  • Love yourself
  • Don’t stop believing
  • Dream BIG
  • Smile
  • Be Happy

Fun Puns:

  • Nice to meat you
  • You’re so a-peel-ing
  • You’re a rock-star
  • Lettuce Celebrate
  • I’m root-ing for you
  • Bee yourself