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Reasons for Recent College Graduates to Consider Temp Agencies

Temp Agencies

Fifty percent of all recent college graduates at the moment are either unemployed or underemployed. The job market has become so competitive a college degree means little to companies and businesses without some job experience to complement it. One option available to recent graduates that helps them gain more experience is working for temp agencies. Temp agencies offer a way to develop new skills and try out a variety of job fields before committing to a career.

Develop New Skills
College grads have a plethora of book smarts, but in today’s job world, that alone doesn’t land the job. Temp agencies help job-seekers new to the market identify required skills based on the desired job field. They also provide candidates with resources to develop these skills, such as ongoing education opportunities and virtual tutoring. If you would like to work with a reputable staffing agency to build your skills and increase your chances of finding the right job, contact Symphony Placements today.

Gaining New Experience
In addition to learning new industry-specific skills, potential job candidates should have some hands-on experience in the field, as well. Temp agencies allow recent college grads to get a wealth of experience under their belt. By working in a handful of related temporary jobs, those new to the job market can build the foundation for a skill set they will need throughout their careers. For example, if you’re hoping to become a financial analyst in the future, you can use a staffing agency to find entry-level bookkeeping jobs and build necessary skills while acquiring additional training through certification programs.

You can also test out a variety of work environments. Do you want to work for a large corporate entity, or are you more comfortable working one on one with small businesses? Staffing agencies offer a no-obligation way of finding that out for yourself.

Potential for Temp to Perm
While staffing agencies and temporary jobs often go hand-in-hand, many times, these jobs actually have a high potential to turn into permanent careers. If you work in a particular temporary position you’ve fallen in love with, simply keeping communication open with your manager and the temp agency can increase your chances of landing that job, or one with a similar company – permanently. Staffing agencies like Symphony Placements submit your resume to companies based on your preference, so letting them know you feel an affinity for a certain field will allow them to find you similar jobs going forward.