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Land a Great Accounting Job with a Job Agency

A job agency is designed to help promising candidates find exciting job opportunities in competitive fields. Accounting is currently a highly sought-after career. Accounting firms and businesses increasingly rely on job agencies, rather than their HR department, for employment candidates, so using a job agency to find more options is a wise decision.

More Success with Job Agency

Accounting firms continue to hire new graduate students, but competition is tight; it is fierce for what jobs are available, and accounting firms and businesses often receive hundreds of applicants for a single job opening. Strong competition is bad for an individual, but good for a business. However, the huge number of candidates for a single open position has encouraged many businesses and firms to outsource their part of the hiring process to a job agency.

Accounting firms and businesses looking to hire for their accounting departments may be present at career fairs, but that doesn’t guarantee career fair attendees will be considered for employment. Job hopefuls may send or mail resumes to dozens of HR departments with very little chance of receiving any feedback. Using a job agency to find a job may cost money, but the result is a greater chance of employment.

Screen Candidates

A job agency, like an employer might, screens potential candidates. Unlike a firm or company, however, the screening process takes place before potential job leads are provided. This minimizes the chances of an individual being turned down for the job, because he or she already met the basic requirements set by the employer. This saves time and frustration for the hiring business and the job searcher.

Individuals looking for accounting jobs should be committed to trying leads provided by the job agency. If the agency sees a candidate turning down potential options, then the agency may be less inclined to offer new job openings, because the individual did not show a strong work ethic, or ambition to seek what opportunities were available. For job searchers, this means a possibility of working a number of temporary accounting jobs before finding a permanent accounting position.

Utilize Business Connections

Accounting firms and businesses are often associated with one or more job agencies. These are agencies the firm trusts to recommend qualified candidates. It is important that individuals use a job agency known for finding and filling accounting job vacancies. Graduate students or experienced accountants looking for a new position benefit from using a job agency that is familiar and partnered with multiple businesses or has strong business connections. This increases the chances an individual will be successful at finding a highly-sought after accounting job.

Match Qualified Individuals with Quality Jobs

A job agency, like a potential employer, screens candidates, but also matches the skills of individuals to the needs of the companies who have hired the job agency to fill positions. The more skills a candidate possesses, the greater the likelihood the job agency can match the person to a quality position. Work experience, job training, conference attendance, or continued education courses are additional criteria the agency can use to match a qualified individual with a quality opportunity. Some skills may be transferrable or adaptable, so applicants may be able to find new, quality jobs, whether they are temporary or permanent, if he or she broadens the job search criteria.