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Finding Flexible Staffing Options

Finding flexible staffing options isn’t always easy, although today’s workforce is leaning more and more toward flexible jobs. There are a few tried and true ways to ferret out flexible staffing positions, such as joining a temporary staffing agency, becoming a freelancer, and taking telecommuting positions. There are also a number of factors to consider regarding giving up a permanent position in favor of a more flexible one. Here are a few tips for finding flexible staffing:

Consider flexible industries. Writing, IT work, web design, and consulting can all be done remotely. Temporary staffing agencies are ideal for flexible jobs, as they are designed to be short term and range from highly specialized to entry level jobs. Research your field of interest and find out what jobs in that field offer the most flexibility.

Consider your salary. Some flexible jobs come with large salaries, while many are much smaller. Companies tend to make a trade-off when hiring telecommuters, sacrificing some dependability for office space costs. If you are set on making a large salary from a flexible job without an office or set working hours, make sure your services are necessary and in high demand.

Can you remain dependable? A consultant working from home does not have to purchase or maintain an office space, but could lose clients or miss appointments if there is a power outage at his or her home. This is the trade-off facing telecommuters; they are sometimes viewed as less dependable simply because they are not physically in an office. Even if a security engineer provides great services and is never late, a client may prefer to work with an established company where the worker can always be found.

Negotiate with an established company. As more and more millennials enter the workforce, asking for more freedom and flexibility, companies are beginning to relax their methods. If you find a company or a position for which you are an ideal candidate, and that company is similarly impressed by you, talk about the possibilities of a flexible schedule.

This works especially well in small businesses, where the boss or owner has a personal relationship with each staff member. Some companies will allow employees to start later in the day if they agree to work late at night, or will agree to let employees work from home a certain number of days as long as they produce high quality work in an efficient manner.

Focus on progressive companies. Companies that incorporate digital and mobile technology heavily into their business model likely handle a high amount of work remotely. It will be easier to convince a tech-heavy company to hire a telecommuter, as the decision would mesh with their technologically advanced image. Computer and technology companies are good options, as are companies that produce creative content.

Become an expert in your field. If you are the best in your field, companies will be willing to negotiate very flexible working arrangements to have the benefit of your talents. Make your talents known and available to a wide variety of companies, and you may find you can be successful doing contract work.

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