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3 Ways Temporary Agencies Benefit Workers and Businesses

Temporary agencies are popular for people looking for work and for businesses looking to hire new employees. Because temporary agencies serve as a liaison between these two parties, they provide great advantages to both. Discover the advantages available when working with a temp agency.

In the Job Market, the Middle Man Is a Good Thing

Both companies looking for employees and job-seekers looking for work can benefit from enlisting the services of a reputable staffing service. Businesses spend a lot of money and time looking for the right candidate, and hiring the wrong employee can mean wasting countless hours and thousands of dollars.

From a job-seeker’s point of view, it can be significantly discouraging to go through the whole interview and hiring process only to find out the job doesn’t fit. Staffing services aid both sides because they prescreen employees and match them with potential job opportunities based on their skills, experience, and personal values, in line with the companies’ needs. If you are a qualified worker looking for a job or are a business looking for an excellent employee, contact Symphony Placements today to get started.

Put Your Money in Your Piggy Bank – Not Your Job Search

Businesses and job-seekers both spend a lot of money trying to fill positions. Businesses expend HR hours and money to advertise to potential employees, and afterwards pay for background checks and drug screens. On the other hand, job-seekers spend precious savings on clothing, work equipment, gas to get to interviews, among other things. Going to unsuccessful interviews over and over can waste a lot of money that job-seekers can’t afford to spend. Staffing services keep workers from wasting time and money going to unpromising interviews. They also take on the financial burden of employee screening and payroll.

Test Runs Aren’t Just for New Cars

When you’re looking to buy a new car, you always test drive it to make sure it runs to your expectations and will suit your needs. The concept is the same when using a staffing service to fill a temporary position. Temporary jobs give both the employer and employee a chance to test out the benefits of each. Businesses get to assess the employee’s work ethic, skills, and potential, and job-seekers get to make sure the company culture and job duties fit within their career plans. Businesses have the benefit of offering temporary positions as full-time careers if the fit is right.

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