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How to Avoid Costly Turnovers – 3 Reasons Employees Don’t Stick Around

The job market is finally facing an upturn after years of being in a slump. Workers are feeling more secure about the job market, and as such are more inclined to look for new careers if they’re not happy. That, coupled with the fact that Millennials have a tendency to switch careers anyway and you’ll understand while keeping loyal employees is becoming increasingly difficult. So what’s the price tag on a good, loyal employee? Symphony Placements examines what it takes to keep one.

More Money

Pay raises continue to stay around 2.9%; meanwhile, most employees are looking for more competitive rates elsewhere. These days, in order to keep a good employee, companies are expected to give them frequent, substantial raises. Symphony Placements is one of the most reliable call center temp agencies, and serves a variety of other industries. Find out how we can save you money.

Better Management

There are other ways to boost employee loyalty. One of the main reasons employees leave companies is poor management. When employees don’t feel like they’re given enough responsibility and enough freedom to use their skills, they suffer from boredom and feeling as though they don’t fit in. Employees want clear instructions, and they want to be recognized for jobs well done.

Relevant Workloads

Employees who are overworked are likely to quit their jobs. Occasionally, this happens because an employee is over-competent and gets a larger workload. But it can also happen when an employee isn’t competent. A recent study found that 93% of employees have a co-worker who simply doesn’t uphold their end of the workload. Screen candidates not only on their skill sets, but also on their workplace personality and personal needs.

How Staffing Agencies Help

That’s where staffing companies such as Symphony Placements can help companies save money. Because we match our candidates specifically to the culture of your workplace and job descriptions, your employees will never feel like they have too much or too little to do. With Symphony Placements, the price tag on a loyal employee doesn’t seem so high.