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Culturally Diverse Teams Bring Harmony to Your Staffing

Companies are required to hire more culturally diverse teams these days. It’s not a formality: Having a culturally diverse workplace actually brings myriad benefits to your company. If you’re thinking about hiring new talent and diversifying your company, Symphony Placements can help you find qualified candidates. Here are a few benefits for making your workplace culturally colorful.

Diversity is a Key to Innovation and Success
Diversity refers to a variation in perspectives, ages, experiences, cultures, and genders. A diverse workforce leads to innovative thinking, and innovation is how businesses succeed. A Forbes magazine study found that diversity is a “key driver of innovation and a critical component of being successful.” Out of the 321 enterprise companies surveyed, nearly all of them said they have diversification standards in place.

Cultural Diversity Improves Marketing and Brand Identity
Culturally diverse companies also fare better when it comes to marketing. Because your workforce has different backgrounds, experiences, and interests, it allows you to identify with more customers. Not only that, but you can identify with customers on a more meaningful level. When your workforce is diverse, your customers are more likely to feel comfortable trusting your brand. Find out how temp to perm agencies such as Symphony Placements can help you diversify your workplace.

Diverse Teams Perform Better
Generally, when team members are diverse and have equal abilities and duties, they frequently outperform teams that are not diverse. A study by Lu Hong and Scott Page found that diverse teams consistently outperform homogenous groups and even outperform individual members. The variation in perspectives and background makes for a better performing team. Contact Symphony Placements to see how we can help your recruit the right candidates for your team.

Increase Retention Rates by Hiring Diverse Employees
Diversity improves retention rates. One of the keys to increasing these rates for any company is to make employees feel appreciated and valued. Diversification creates a sense of belonging, which leads to increased loyalty. A culturally diverse workforce has people of all backgrounds working together to come to one common solution, which creates unity, purpose, and dedication.