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3 Reasons the Administrative Assistant Job Description is so Broad

Why do administrative assistants cover such a broad range of tasks in an office setting? The quick answer is because they must. Assisting multiple people in the office requires the ability to multitask and be proficient in a number of clerical areas. On a day-to-day basis, administrative assistants are responsible for any number of tasks, which is why their job descriptions are often broad and lengthy. From the front desk to the back office and everything in between, administrative assistants are expected to help out anywhere they’re needed.

Front Desk

Administrative assistants are expected to handle all duties at the front desk. This could mean anything from answering phone calls and emails, dealing with walk-in customers, sending company memos, and whatever else may arise. Administrative assistants are usually juggling tasks assigned to them with customer inquiries, so the job requires the ability to multi-task while staying focused on each one. To find out if you have the skills of a great administrative assistant, contact Symphony Placements today for an evaluation.

Back Office

Administrative assistants also have to maintain organization throughout the office. They are expected to follow through on filing protocols, from creating documents through implementation and storage. The administrative assistant is also responsible for the organization of company data, data entry, and generating reports. They also have to stay on top of maintenance requests and inventory. You can bet if the printer toner runs out, the administrative assistant will be the first one to know and find a solution for the problem.

Individual Tasks

Since the administrative assistant is talented in several departments, they are often asked to perform individual duties for other employees. From time to time, they may be asked to type a specific document for someone, organize a filing cabinet, research information, or brain storm creative solutions. Administrative assistants don’t just help one person or stick to the front desk; they are adept at handling a variety of problems and are more than willing to help out a fellow co-worker. If you enjoy variety in your day and helping throughout the office, you would make a great administrative assistant! Contact Symphony Placements today to find out about job opportunities.