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10 Interview Questions to Ask

It’s always smart to ask questions during an interview. It demonstrates an interest in the position and a desire to learn more, as well as implying a feeling of communication rather than interrogation. The following are 10 interview questions to ask to impress an interviewer and make yourself memorable.

1. Is there an ability to grow with the company? This question immediately shows your ambition, drive, and intent to stay with the company long-term. Companies prefer to hire employees who will offer the greatest return on investment, and those who grow with the company over a long time period will offer the best return.

2. What is a typical week like in this position? This is a very practical question, and encourages the interviewer to not simply describe the responsibilities of the position, but to go into detail about how the position fits into the larger framework of the company. It also allows you to imagine yourself in the position and encourages the interviewer to do the same.

3. What qualities does your ideal candidate have? This question shows you are aware of your shortcomings and that you might not be an ideal candidate, but also lets the interviewer see you are interested in bettering yourself to become an ideal candidate.

4. How would you describe the culture and atmosphere of the workplace? This is a good interview question to ask because it gives you an idea of how you might mesh with your coworkers and how your personality and interests will be received in the office. Being able to work well and build a relationship with one’s coworkers is important, and if the atmosphere described doesn’t appeal to you, consider another job.

5. What do you like most about working for the company? As a general rule, people enjoy sharing about themselves. If you show interest in your interviewer’s experiences, you make yourself a more memorable candidate. This will give you an honest and firsthand account of the benefits if you take the job, and it will allow you to connect with the interviewer.

6. What is your least favorite aspect of working here? Another good interview question to ask because of its personal nature, this question is not one that interviewers are used to answering. It forces the interviewer to evaluate their own experiences and find those which they dislike, putting them into a completely different frame of mind than during the rest of the interview.

7. What first drew you to this company? This question is designed to learn more about the interviewer and build a connection with him or her. By seeing what drew the interviewer to the company, you get a glimpse of his or her interests and what the interviewer values most when approaching a new position.

8. What are the typical hours, and is overtime expected? This provides you with an idea of how hard an average employee works, thus allowing you to work harder and be more successful.

9. How is success evaluated and rewarded? If you understand what you need to do to in advance and how your efforts are rewarded, you can focus your energy on those tasks and responsibilities that are most valuable to the company.

10. Does the company offer extra training and education opportunities? This shows your enthusiasm for the position and your desire to continue improving while you work for the company. Interviewers are impressed by those who display a desire to never stop learning.

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