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Top 3 Questions to Ask in an Interview

At the end of every interview, the interviewer asks if you have any questions. People are often stumped as to what they should be asking, so they either decline to answer or ask poor questions like how much the position pays. Having a list of questions for the interviewer is a great way to make a good impression. Before you go into any interview, prepare at least 4 or 5 questions so that if some are answered, you still have at least two.

Another option is to ask whether you can take notes during the interview and jot down questions as the interviewer explains the position. This will indicate your interest and likely impress the interviewer. Don’t be afraid to ask unique questions, either; if the interviewer has an interesting wall decoration or a photograph of a location you recognize, ask about those things. Don’t be afraid to personalize the interview and get to know the interviewer. This will form a bond and help you stick out from the crowd. The following are three of the best questions to ask in an interview:

1. What does your ideal candidate for this position look like? By asking this question, a job seeker will know exactly what the employer wants in a candidate and how well he or she measures up to that ideal. This is not only a way for the candidate to judge his or her chances of getting the position, but a way of connecting with the interviewer. Instead of just another name on a list, the candidate becomes someone who is generally interested in what the interviewer wants and who wants to know how he or she can become that ideal applicant.

2. What is the likelihood of upward movement with the company? This question demonstrates the ambition of the applicant. By showing he or she wants to succeed and grow at the company, an applicant will stand out and display a desire for long-term employment. This question will also give the candidate a good idea of how the company works, how accomplishments are measured, and how advancement most often occurs.

3. What don’t you like about working here? This is a personal question, and might be considered the equivalent of asking an interviewer: “what is your greatest weakness?” Interviewers are typically in the business of selling their company to applicants, and will likely describe even their least favorite tasks in a positive light. Either way, this question can lend valuable insight into day-to-day operations, company culture, employee dynamics, and other areas less discernable from a job posting or website.

Asking the question also lets the interviewer know the candidate is interested in his or her opinion. Applicants should keep in mind that whatever the interviewer’s answer is, it is still not enough to make them leave the company, and thus can’t be a problem the interviewer finds overwhelming.

To learn more about questions to ask in an interview or how job seekers should conduct themselves in an interview, contact Symphony Placements or take advantage of the resources available on our website.