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Temp Agencies: Growing in Popularity

With the job market becoming increasingly competitive and requirements becoming stricter, temp agencies have begun to grow in popularity. Not only first time job seekers, but veterans of the professional world have come to temp agencies in the hopes of finding regular work. While many companies struggle in the current economy, temp agencies continue to thrive and provide employment for people in desperate need. Below are a few of the reasons why staffing agencies are growing in popularity:

  • Flexibility. One of the biggest draws of temporary work is flexibility. Workers can select their availability and have a certain amount of control over their schedules. They can set salary minimums, and can decide whether or not to accept job placements based on their situation at the time.

Many temp agencies have branches in multiple states and regions, and workers can move to a different part of the country without worrying about losing their position as a temporary agent. Agents can also decide whether or not they want to look for only temporary jobs or for long term placements that might result in a position with a company’s permanent staff.

  • Job availability. Even when jobs are scarce, temporary staffing services place workers in positions. The opportunities range from part time work to 40 hours a week or more. Many companies rely on staffing services to save money and time on recruiting and interviewing, so even if there is an open position at a company, it may not be accessible to anyone but temporary agents.

There are also a number of companies that hire temporary workers for periods of heavy workloads and let them go again after the demand has returned to normal. This happens in a number of industries, and there are always open temporary positions available somewhere.

  • Career starting point. A number of companies employ temp agents for a short period of time and hire the temp agent onto their permanent staff. This allows the company and the worker to get to know one another, and to decide whether the placement is a good fit. Temp agencies have provided starting points for many careers. Some workers show promise in a position and are hired permanently. Others experience a career change, tiring of one job and beginning an entirely new one by working at a temp agency.
  • Range of possibilities. Temp agencies serve such a variety of industries that the possibilities seem endless. Workers can find employment in healthcare, human resources, administrative work, the legal field, information technology, customer service, and more. Jobs range from day-long jobs to week-long jobs to placements that become permanent after a matter of months. Jobs can be flexible in terms of schedules and shifts, or they can be standard 9:00-5:00, five-day-a-week placements. Staffing services can provide something for everyone, finding appointments that suit everyone’s needs.

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