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How Working for a Temp Service Improves Work Experience

Temp service jobs are often great places to garner different types of work experience and resume boosters. Businesses are always in need of workers who are adept at clerical duties, manual labor, the front desk, and more. Temp service work is a great way to add to your career experience by working in a variety of job types and different work environments. Occasionally, temporary jobs also offer permanent potential.

Temporary Jobs Offer a Variety of Experience Opportunities
When working with a temp agency, the variety of job choices can seem overwhelming. But this is a good thing! By building your skills in a handful of entry-level jobs, you gain valuable work experience that can be transferred to other jobs further on in your career. For example, taking a temp job as a clerical worker may seem out of line with your goal of becoming a financial analyst, but you’re actually gaining widely transferable skills. Any future job will value your experiences in research and the organizational skills you learned as a clerical employee.

Use Temporary Jobs to Test Different Job Environments While Building Skills
Staffing services like Symphony Placements have a long list of jobs that vary in length, field, and company culture. You can use this to your advantage when building a career plan. For example, if you want to land a high-profile marketing job in the future, you can start out with temporary sales and marketing jobs with small, local businesses, and work your way up through larger and larger companies. In the meantime, you’re building necessary skills for a well-rounded resume, in addition to getting the feel for the type of company culture you are looking for.

Test out different types of work environments and company values. You may find you don’t like the fast pace and stuffy suits of a corporate marketing job and instead enjoy the laid back casual atmosphere of marketing for a young start-up.

Temporary Jobs Hold Potential for Permanent Positions
Many times, a job that starts out as temporary opens up into a full-time, permanent position. If this is the case, you have a real opportunity to get in and start climbing the corporate ladder. Even if the job is not directly in your field of work, it still adds infinitely valuable experience to your resume for future ventures. Currently, the job market is intensely competitive in all fields, so any prior work experience, even in unspecialized fields, will set you apart from the competition. A staffing agency can help you identify relevant skills from your current experience when marketing your new resume.

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