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Strive For the Best: IT Dream Jobs to Keep You Motivated

All individuals need motivation to pursue their dream jobs. The IT industry overwhelms many candidates because of the numerous career opportunities that exist within the IT industry. If you’re working in the IT world, it comes as no surprise that you may be inundated with a plethora of job specialties.

The evolving nature of technology means businesses are always looking for IT specialists, and job descriptions are always changing and breaking off into new career paths. Cut through the confusion and learn about different specialties so you can figure out which suits you best, then contact Symphony Placements to jumpstart your career path!

  • Software Developer. Software developers can either be application and computer developers or operating systems developers. To put it more simply, you’re either building a computer framework or the individual components of that framework. This is a rewarding and creative career that is growing rapidly. The US Department of labor estimates there will be almost 140,000 new positions by 2022.
  • Systems Analyst. If you have a structure-focused mindset and a talent for computer programming, this may be the niche for you. Analysts look at the big picture of how multiple computer networks and systems work together, and they work with companies to design systems for their particular needs. This job is projected to grow by 24.5% within the next seven years.
  • Web Developer. Web developers are both left-brained and right-brained. They build beautiful websites that function well at the technical level. Web development harnesses elements of creativity, design, and logic. Currently, this is one of the fastest growing jobs and is predicted to grow another 20% by 2022.
  • Computer Programmer. Different than a developer, computer programmers dig in and do the dirty work of development. These specialists know how to code, rewrite, and test computer programs and systems. If you have a data-focused, technical mind, this is the position for you. This field promises an estimated 8.3% growth by 2022.
  • IT Manager. If you are tech-savvy but you also like working with people, you may be well suited to IT management. IT managers are the tech world’s maintenance worker – when a company’s computer system is on the fritz, or there’s a problem with a computer program, the IT manager steps in to save the day. IT management positions are expected to grow by over 50,000 new positions within the next seven years.

If you want to break into the IT industry, contact Symphony Placements to start your journey.