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Myths and Facts about Staffing Agencies

While staffing agencies are becoming more popular, there are still a number of myths surrounding them. Many people simply do not know what staffing agencies do, so they make ill-informed guesses and false conclusions. The following are a few of the most prevalent myths about staffing agencies and their corresponding facts.

  1. Temporary placements aren’t real jobs. Some people believe that a part time or even a full time job gained through a staffing agency is less legitimate than a job attained through a lengthy application and interview process. This is false; in both situations the employee performs a task for a company and is paid for that job. The methods by which a job is attained have no bearing on a job’s “realness.” Temp agents enjoy several benefits that permanent staff do not, including higher flexibility and the ability to work in a variety of different fields and gain experience in a number of positions. Furthermore, if a temp agent desires a more permanent position, there is a high chance that he or she will be hired onto a company’s permanent staff after serving as a temp agent for some time.
  2. Staffing agencies cheat their employees. Because of the manner in which staffing agencies pay their employees, there is a misconception that staffing services underpay their agents. Staffing services agree upon a wage with their agents and proceed to receive a slightly larger amount from the employer using the temp agent. The agent is paid the agreed upon amount while the staffing agency uses the extra to continue providing employment for other job seekers. There is no deception involved, and agents are always paid the amount agreed upon. If they desire a raise, workers can make a new agreement with the staffing agency.
  3. Staffing agencies only provide entry level jobs. Staffing services provide agents of all skill levels, education, and experience. Some temporary agencies specialize in specific industries or skill levels, hiring only experienced and well-trained workers to perform professional executive and high level administrative duties.
  4. Temporary agents get paid less. Temporary agents are often paid an equal amount to their permanent staffing counterparts, depending on their experience and education. Some temporary agents are paid less because their flexible schedules lower their dependability, while others are paid more because their schedules allow them to work odd hours and later shifts. Salary is a matter of circumstances, and temporary agents are paid based upon their qualifications, education, and performance – just like permanent staff.
  5. Temporary agents don’t receive benefits. It is true that companies using temp agents do not provide insurance or other benefits to those employees. However, most temp agencies do provide benefits for the workers and bonuses depending on their tenure with the agency. Health insurance, dental plans, direct deposit, and 401k plans are all available for temp agents at many agencies, with some offering paid holidays as well. All of these benefits are specific to different temp agencies, and often depend on factors such as length of time with the agency, dependability, and more.

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