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Engaging With a Staffing Company: The Basics

Working with a staffing agency is a great way to find exceptionally qualified candidates with little effort on your part. But if you’ve never worked with a staffing agency before, you may be wondering what the process entails. Consider this as your guide to getting the most out of your staffing company.

Search for a Specialized Firm

There are thousands of staffing agencies for all types of businesses. But specialized agencies work in just a few specific fields. Because they focus on certain types of businesses and talent, they have a better idea of where to look. Whether you’re in the medical industry, tech industry, or something else, Symphony Placements understands your field, geographic area, and the skills potential candidates need. Contact Symphony Placements to see our array of medical staffing solutions, in addition to solutions for other industries.

Communicate Effectively

You’re letting someone take over the hiring process for you, so it’s imperative that you keep communication lines open. You need to be clear about what the positions and respective job descriptions mean. Your staffing manager should have a pretty good idea about what you’re looking for, but some extra information about company policies and company culture is tremendously helpful. The more clearly you can explain your ideal candidates, the easier it will be for the staffing agency to find them.

Prepare Your Workplace

When you use a staffing company, a temporary candidate will be placed with you for a set amount of time. If the candidate is a fit, you can offer him or her full-time work. Otherwise, it’s on to the next one. You may be working with several temporary employees, so prepare your workplace accordingly. For example, provide new hires with a brief orientation. Invite your new team member to regular staff events, including lunches and meetings. Check in often to see how your new employee is fitting in. Make your temp worker feel welcomed and appreciated, and a loyal employee will be your reward. Symphony Placements makes sure all candidates are great matches before recommending them to your company. Contact us to find out how.