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An Employment Agency is a Good Resource for New Nursing Grads

Nursing is a popular career for many young professionals. With efficient college programs, fresh graduates can land financially secure jobs within a few months of graduation. However, the nursing business is highly competitive among new graduates, and job searching can take much longer than expected. Though nursing careers are in high supply, they’re also in high demand.

There’s also a huge variety of nursing specialties and searching for a nursing job opening on your own can get a little stressful at times. Staffing agencies like Symphony Placements can greatly alleviate the stress of searching for a nursing job.

If the Search is Taking Too Long

Chances are your job search may be taking longer than expected. This can be due to any number of factors: your resume may need to be re-written, you may be searching in the wrong specialty, or you may need additional training to really stand out. Staffing agencies teach you how to re-write and effectively target your resume to the appropriate market so they accurately speak to your skills and personality. They also help you identify skills you already have, those you need, and how to bridge that gap.

If You’re Unsure of Your Field

So you know you want to get into nursing, but maybe you’re not exactly sure of which type of nursing is best for you. Do you want to be a triage nurse in an ER? Do you want to be a pediatric doctor’s assistant? Do you enjoy working with the elderly and want to practice home care or work in a hospital’s geriatrics department? If you’re having trouble deciding what suits you best, a staffing agency can help you with that. Experienced staffing agencies listen to your needs and assess your skills and personality. They act like a second opinion in job searching and can tell you which fields of nursing would be best for you based on their assessments.

If You Don’t Know Where to Look

A lot of jobs are exclusively listed with staffing agencies. For the independent job-seeker, this means a lot of great opportunities may slip right under the radar. Staffing agencies can help you pinpoint where to start your career, what path to take, and then they help you get there by finding the appropriate entry points based on your skills.

If you would like to learn more about how Symphony Placements can help you find and land the perfect nursing job, contact us today.