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4 Questions to Ask When Applying for Temporary Services Jobs

When you work with a staffing service, you will have to undergo an interview just like you would with any other job. This interview is to your benefit and helps guide you toward the types of jobs you are most interested in doing. Be sure to make the best of it. The staffing agency may ask you some of the following questions to get to know your skills and personality better.

“Are you looking for long or short term opportunities?”

Staffing agencies want to find jobs that fit your plans best, so this question will help determine your career goals. If you’re simply looking for part-time or short-term contract work to make some extra income, be honest with them. The only way they can offer you their best service is if they know what your preferences are.

“What is your ideal schedule?”

This is a pretty straightforward question. The temp agency wants to know what hours work best for you, what hours are negotiable, and what hours are out of the question. Don’t be afraid to be honest; temp agencies have many jobs with varying degrees of flexibility. If you like working late in the evening or very early in the morning, let them know.

“What type of people would you like to work with?”

This is the staffing company’s way of getting to know the company culture best suits you. They have a pretty good grasp of their businesses on retainer, so they can determine what type of work environment will best align with your personal values. Whether you like a casual, laid back environment or a fast paced, formal one, the staffing agency can find jobs for which you’re a good fit. If you’re looking for a variety of job opportunities and environments, sample our online job board today.

“How would your co-workers or friends describe you?”

Temp agencies base their job recommendations not only on your skills, but on your experience and work personality. This question gives the agency some insight on your work ethic and who you are on the job. Are you talented at solving tech problems? Are you great with people and communication? Do you work better on your own, or do you excel as part of a team? These are the types of skills the temp agency is trying to determine.

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