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Marta Chavatel

Marta Chavatel


Marta’s presence has made an enormous impact on our business. Marta has held leadership roles in the staffing industry for many years and brings a myriad of creative ideas to the table on a daily basis. Before arriving at Symphony, Marta ran her own firm, Staffing Solutions. Through her extensive experience, Marta is prepared to help all clients generate optimal results when they visit Symphony.

Marta stays actively involved in many facets of Symphony’s operations. She spends the most time in operations, working with recruiters, and creating strong relationships with clients. Marta’s successful work ethic involves two key elements: passion and honesty. Through instituting these practices in her daily work, she is quick to give every client the special attention they need. Marta has also invested many hours into making our call center one of the most effective bonding points between the Symphony team and our clients.

After moving from California to Baltimore as a young girl, Marta has put down roots in this city. With a successful marriage and three children, Marta continues to amaze everyone she knows with her ability to maintain a healthy balance between business and personal life. She loves her career, and works hard so she can keep various hobbies going on the side, such as interior design, traveling, and cooking. Her fabulous feasts won her an award from Better Homes & Gardens.